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About Che Fico

Che Fico is an Italian Taverna in San Francisco - a space to gather with friends and enjoy warm hospitality, food, and drink in the Nopa neighborhood. Che Fico is dubbed a taverna for both the approachable nature of the menu and the convivial ambiance of the space.

Our food focuses on seasonal and local produce, meat, and fish - our driving vision is of cuisine in Northern California as if it is a region in Italy.  Che Fico’s cuisine is an expression of our connection to the region and our love of Italian culinary practices seen through our style.

Our beverage program focuses heavily on both Italian and Californian wines with a cocktail program that utilizes a variety of spirits, amaros, and seasonal ingredients. 

Che Fico inhabits a building with over 100 years of history in San Francisco - originally a stable built after the great fire in 1906.  A complete overhaul of the building has been completed to bring the building up to date, and Che Fico’s interior design was brought to life by Jon de la Cruz of DLC Interior Design.

Say "Kay-Feeco" & With Gusto!

Throughout Italy “Che Fico!” serves as an expression of enthusiasm and admiration. The literal translation means “what a fig”, but the slang roughly translates to “that’s so cool”. 

Che Fico! is an endearing term of excitement and delight - we find those qualities every day in San Francisco and hope to express them through food, drink, and warm hospitality both in our space and within our community.

Warm Springs Ranch

Warm Springs Ranch is a 40 acre horse ranch and vineyard in Glen Ellen, California where Matt Brewer was raised.  He learned respect for the land and the responsibilities that come with ranch life. Mornings before school he cleaned horse pens and fed the animals - in the evenings he would help his mother in the garden and preparing dinner.  Matt shared with David his dream of creating a biodynamic farm on part of the ranch that would someday provide food to a restaurant he planned to build.  Most chefs long to have a hand in the food that is grown and raised for their restaurant, and Matt and David eagerly seized the opportunity.  A full-scale operation is still a ways off, but Matt works with David to plant select items that will be able to be showcased on the Che Fico menu.  They work steadily toward providing as much food as possible from the gardens and orchards of Warm Springs Ranch to bring to our guests.


Chef David understands the seasonality of food as more than just the passage of produce through the farmer's markets. He strives for a more holistic method, in which the menu changes multiple times from season to season.  

During spring and summer months the menus will be very vegetable and fruit focused. Freshwater fish, as well as some sustainable ocean bycatch, will be on the menu as well as lamb, pig, and beef. The pasta program will feature many of the pasta styles and shapes of Southern Italy.

Fall menus will focus on game meats, orchard fruit, root vegetables, and shift towards more Central and Northern styles of pasta. Winter will be our time to showcase the bounty of the ocean, and to highlight the egg-based noodles of Northern Italy, as well as truffles! Winter is also the time of year when the restaurant’s larder and pantry will be put to best use, offering pickles, preserves, and conserved products from seasons past.